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BTF Soft is my latest software project - a possibility for me to combine two of my favorite hobbies : photography and software programming.
(Software development has been my passion since i was 15 - please see www.brownbear.de for one of my other projects)
These programs here are all freeware and built on the QT framework which allows platform independent programming. However, the setups found here work only with Microsoft Windows. Source code is available on request.
Feel free to contact me btf1@aol.com
Picture Date Shifter 1.0
Do you know the following situation : you return from holidays and become aware, that date/time was misadjusted in your camera. This is very annoying, especially when using more than one cam. How can you restore the original chronological sequence?
I was faced exactly this problem after my last trip, so i decided to write this little piece of software :-) There are a few other tools available, but my claim was to write the easiest tool - only three simple steps: select folder, set date/time shift, press button!

Download PictureDateShifter-Setup here
What Picture Date Shifter does
This software changes the date/time info of the EXIF Info stored in every JPG picture.
Optionally it also changes the time stamp of the file "changed", which is typically used to sort the pictures.
The main application is to correct the date/time of picture which have been taken at a point of time, when the cam had wron time settings. It is very useful in a situation where pictures have been taken with several cams with different clock settings.

How to use Picture Date Shifter in detail
Step 1: Select the main folder of your pictures.
Attention: This software has been tested accurately and shall not harm any of your pictures. However it is recommended not to change the original files on your flash card but a copy on your hard disk.
This folder and all subfolders are analyzed. The number of all valid JPG files is dipslayed and the time stamp of the oldest of them.

Step 2 : Change the date/time (referring to the oldest):
Step 3: Press the "Shift all time stamps in EXIF Info" Button
Confirm the message, the pictures are going to be changed.
It's also recommended to change the file attributes.
Each file has three time stamps:

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